This post is about V8 drivers here is all of them for 2013 and 2014.

My favorite is whincup.

He is the best.

here are there cars.

I know that’s a lot of cars.

My favourite team is RED BULL.

These are the teams HOLDEN, VOLO, MECADES-BENZ and FORD.


There are 2 sets of team cars for each driver.

There is a race for these cars called the Clipsal 500.

I have been to the Clipsal once and I got a photo with both of the RED BULL drivers.

I saw Garth Tander.

And here is a question…

if you were a V8 driver witch team would you race for?


I am really good at soccer my idol is Robbie Kruse here is a photo of him.

That’s him.

I am sometimes a striker or a goal keeper.

I am #13.

One day I might play like him.

But now I have the dream of playing like him.

So now I  am playing for school and its fun.

So I really like playing for school because all my friends play in that team.

I have been playing school soccer for 4 years now but in 2015 I going to play rugby like my dad.

And my school soccer teams colours are red and black and the rugby teams.




This is me and my brother.

In the holidays I went on the MDSA camp.

I went with my brother Liam.

Liam is the one in the wheel chair.

Hey look im on a harly davidson.

Hey look im on a harly davidson.

The next day I had to dress up in paper.


Im in the middle.


Thats me and my brother on movie night.

Thats me in my wunziey on easter.

Thats me in my wunziey on easter.


Thats me in my room in my wunzeiy.

Thats me in my room in my wunzeiy.



On the 4 of april Sports day was active. First we did health husle to get us to start the day. After health husle mrs Gurr said ” Lets start and may the best team win” The first event for my class was 400 meter sprint.

Im the one on the right im racing Charlie and Jarred.

Thats me on the right. And i won.

Then we did high jump.

After that we did tug of war.


Then we did shoct put.


Then we did the obsticll course.

Then it was lunch time.

After lunch we did 100 meter sprints I won.

The JP did 50 meter sprints.

At the end Marin won the shield and Mcourly won the cup.

Convict Me

Hello my name is Declan I’m a convict and I’m going to tell you my back story and how I got here.
I was born on the 5.8.4 now I am 10 years old my crime was taking 10cm of paper. I lived in Liverpool but now I’m on the Scarborough ship I’ve been on it for 7 months and I’ve got a cold and I eat unhealthy foods. My life was poor before all this and my family was sick.DSC01163

the 10 commandments

1. To be nice to others.

2. To work hard.

3. To not sin.

4.To serve god.

5. Dont put your self before others.

6. Dont waste rubbish.

7. To not lie.

8. Dont serve other gods.

9. Dont wish for what other people have.

10. To try your best.